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Wonderful my friend

Thank you for the treat :)

Semaphore responds:

Thank you for this review =)

Pretty good :)

Pretty good my friend. I'm really enjoying your Anya series. I feel that the the conga's/higher pitched drums could be a little 'deeper'. Perhaps raising the EQ of the lower frequencies could help with this? I don't think it'd detract too much from the piece.

Anyway, hope all is well. Gotta get back to posting the occassional thing to NG myself just for old times sake :)

EmperorCharlemagne responds:

yeah, this is an early work made a good long time ago, before I was much more aware of technical aspects like I am now.

I think the .flp of the project is lost, so i might have to leave as is.

And I just have been busy as all heck with school, so that leaves little time for music. Thanks for leaving a nice word!

This is starting to sound the same.

After listening to more of your pieces, they all sound the same. 'Bombastic' and 'top heavy' come to mind. This will be the last comment I have.

Bear in mind that when you post your music on newgrounds, you hand over every single exclusive right you have for ALL of your music so long as they don't use it commercially. Your disclaimer wont break the agreement at all as that is what the site operates under.

On to the music, again, another serviceable piece. Just try to get a better instrument sampling.

CreamingStar responds:

No love baby! I'm sorry man, but if your comments aren't constructive, I can't really get much out of them. "Serviceable" and "bombastic" aren't exactly specific, and they aren't as much critiques as they are opinions.

Just so you know though, the reason I write "bombastic" music, is because this profile is an advertisement to those seeking music for their flash works. I want to give them something to be excited about after they've spent tons of hours working on their game or movie.

PS the instrument sampling is about the best you can get, and I can't really afford to get a different one. It's the application by me that isn't imperfect!

Well written

It's not a bad piece. It's a very serviceable piece however, I feel that the piece has too much being featured in your higher pitched instruments. The sound that you have for your brass gives your music too much of a 'generic' and 'bombastic' sound.

This is pretty decent for a loop file :)

Pretty good

I like this. Though the only problem I really hear is that this recording pops on my speakers a little bit. Not much of an issue though.

This is pretty good

I really enjoy the blending of sound you have for this piece. I am curious...How long ago did you write this? It sounds as if its coming from a large hall and I can't tell if it was intentional or not.

i do happen to enjoy your pieces and thoughts of music. Good to see another one of your pieces on the AP :)

EmperorCharlemagne responds:

I wrote this around November, jeez (longer than I thought).

The hall sound is me messing around with filters, and finding that I liked how it went, decided to stick with it.

I've been on a real hiatus, but I think I am beginning to get back to the swing of things, and that means not only uploading, but reviewing again. I am almost done with the school year, after all. : )

Concept is nice

You're concept is fine but, what makes techno....well..techno...is technologically developed/modified instruments. Organic instruments have a VERY difficult time doing what 'techno' traditionally does.

username0hi0 responds:

Of course that's true, but my task in music class is to create something out of the ordinary, thus this was created. But that can't be the only reason this piece deserved a 5/10 from you?

I have a question, what kind of programs can I use to create original electronic music? I've heard of programs such as 'acid' but all you do on that is plonk extracts of tunes and beats that arent your own into the timeline.


Pretty nice

This is pretty nice but, I don't think all of the dissonance really belongs in piece like this. Good sound quality.

Too loud

You have technique but, this recording is so loud it distorts my speakers at any volume.

Throughdarkness responds:

You know what you need? More brutal speakers!

Thanks for the review though.

Very nice

What are you using to obtain your sounds?

atmos929NG responds:

Several synths to tell the truth, it's pretty crowded in there XD... if you pay attention you may identify around 10 different synths between pads, drones, leads etc...

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