Maybe I'm being nitpicky about the classical music section here...

2010-10-05 16:28:47 by TreborLocke

Ok, so maybe I'm being too nitpicky on this comment but....

I was browsing through the 'classical' music section of the NG audio portal and I think every single thing I've seen there is an 'orchestrated' version of someones dream video game theme....

Classical music is the methods of a set period of time in human history by which the standards of music were defined by composers such as Hummel, Haydn, and Mozart.

If I am not mistaken, there is a section for "Video Game" music and "Electronic" Music here on NG. Baroque music fits more with the classical section as it fits many of the same conventions.

Just because something is orchestrated DOES NOT mean that it is classical!

It's sickening to actually hear people in real life and on the internet say that something is classical meerly because it has a symphony orchestra sound. This isn't the case! Yes, you can write classical music with electronic sounds. Thats fine! But, lets quit putting music that clearly belongs in a video game, experimental, or electronic section into a section that is clearly reserved for another kind of sound and theory.


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2010-10-20 18:11:20


The definition of "Video Game" is infinitely broad; the genre doesnt have any implications of certain musical elements and styles. The OST in Final Fantasy will sound different from the OST in Sonic the Hedgehog as that will sound different from the OST in a Grand Theft Auto Game. There is a popular, 'video game sound' but if the producer doesnt intend for it to be used in a video game, then why put it there?

The pieces may not be classical, especially not in a pre-contemporary sense. But this is the 21st century, and the boundaries have vastly expanded, obviously. and it certainly doesnt help that NG doesn't have enough selections in categorizing music. Classical is the best place to put these types of tracks even if it doesnt parallel the complexity but moreso overall design of the likes of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc. And I'm sure none of these 'classical' artists would claim their music as such.

Also, there are some great classical artists on NG that you should check out. That have some classical works that pertain to the style I think you're looking for.


Peace, and apparently my main is banned from your page!? what did I do :(

TreborLocke responds:

No clue why the ban. Shouldn't be. Might have clicked a bad button at some point down the line.

Also, there are techno pieces ending up on that chart.

I've listened to DavidOrr and my one problem with his music is that it is far too 'generic'. His music also, is used in video games. The tracks he posts here have been used in a few via commission. Thusly, they should fit in the 'video game' section (i.e. 4 Brave Champions)

I am very familiar with EC.

21st century or not, the definition of 'classical' hasn't expanded that much and has actually been set by scholars and universially known around the world to be the sounds of Mozart, Haydn, Hummel, Early Beethoven, and a few others.

Video Game music currently is becoming its own genre in terms of sound/art and a lot of people seem to want such a sound to be taken serriously. What is more serrious than classical after all? However, video game music will still be considered secondary music as long as people want to put its developing sound into other worlds. There is a reason why Nobou Uematsu is considered one of the worlds most influential composers (Rate by Time Magazine infact). He expanded and started to define what "Video Game Music" is. It's own art.

My big issue is that a lot of actual classical music (which on this site should extend Baroque to Romantic for simplicities sake) is being pushed off by actual honest to god "Techno". There are artists on here putting their music in the classical section purely because it contains a single stringed instrument (even though its techno or rap).

It's just honestly annoying.


2010-10-22 02:33:09

I was mistaken about DavidOrr, dont know why I thought he was mainly classical, but he does have a couple piano sonatas on his page.

I see your point about Uematsu and how he largely influenced the popular video game music styles, and why some submissions may better fit there. but regardless, there's still rock, hip-hop, techno, etc. based video game OSTs, which is why it makes the video game genre more ambiguous than others. What if Uematsu wrote music that was for a European royalty instead of video games? If there was no VG genre and Uematsu was to submit to NG, where would his music go? So it's not really that clearcut. I didn't know you were talking about techno music in the classical portal (and I've never see any categorized as such) but something more like Orr's "4 Brave Champions", which for the sake of the argument, if it hadn't been used or commissioned for a video game, it would best fit into classical.

I'm aware of what the scholarly accepted definition of classical music is, and if NG was to be that restrictive, then there shouldnt be any music there at all :P But for simplicities sake like you said, it should extend to baroque, romantic, and beyond the common practice period. With that in mind the section could accommodate more contemporary works that are *loosely* related to classical. Again, just because there's not a wide selection of genres to submit to.

TreborLocke responds:

I agree on the end. But I am honestly hearing 'techno' sounds and very electronic and R&B beats in the classical section more and more.

VG music is still being explored but, if you read a lot of the descriptions in these new 'classical pieces', the artists are claiming they are for some epic video game or whatnot. So they should be put in the VG catagory.

I'd just like some orderly correctness ;)


2011-02-09 23:18:31

2 cents anyone?

I agree with you in many regards Robert, and my intention is not to argue here, but I think there has to be some consideration given to the purpose of categorizing the audio portal. As much as we love feeling like the Audio Portal is a domain of the musicians, its design is to provide for flash artists. I think that you'll agree that the average flash artists out there isn't versed in what "classical" truly means or even what the "classical period" in music was, so I would bet that the majority of them when viewing the "classical" genre are really thinking that they're looking through the "containing orchestral instruments" genre. Thus, as painful as it is to say so, I think that it probably is most effective to place most of that non-classical music under the genre of "classical" for the sake of the flash artists. Either way, that's just my little insight. You do hold a very valid point though!

Take care,