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Another day...more music!

2009-09-16 02:31:24 by TreborLocke

Posting up some prototype music for the Raconok project on my websites forums ( Take a listen! /272898

Copyright and You

2009-08-15 23:40:55 by TreborLocke

So I get back from a long day of work to an e-mail informing me I had recieved a new message on my account for my website

Lo-and-behold....Apparently someone had tried to steal MY music and claim it as theirs.....

Ya know...if you're going to try to steal my smarter about it...honestly....there is a reason why the RIAA is capable of doing what it does to sue people and make $500,000 for you downloading 6 songs from a P2P service.

Grow brains...stop stealing music...and enjoy what you get.

New music..again

2009-07-31 15:05:50 by TreborLocke

Holy crap...I've uploaded quite a bit this year :P /260318

Give a listen and vote :)

Hopefully this years material is worth something to someone :) Hand comments please!

Ok. Since it's release, it managed to survive for a good few hours before one of the infamous 0 hunters nailed it ;) I tend to put my lesser works (my rejects) here on NG to give it the "Newground's test". If it survives a good while before garnishing a 0, I work on it somemore and give it some publication time. This particular piece is actually completed and was made in a short amount of time. I wanted to see how the NG community would like it :)

My latest piece of music has been given some serrious praise by those who have listened to it.

Here is the link to it: /244447

In real life, I am a professional music producer and composer. However, my resources are somewhat limited when it comes to video. I'd love to work with someone on making a flash video (something to be uploaded on the net) for my piece "City of Angels". No I can't pay you but, ya get to put you're name on the video if you're looking for credit somewhere ;)

Anyway, if ya like it and feel like working on a project, give me a buzz (comment or inbox me).

Enjoy :)

My first bit of Techno to hit Newgrounds....and I mean 'Real Techno'. Give it a listen. "City of Angels" :)

New piece of music up

2009-06-05 22:37:17 by TreborLocke

Go check out 'Sky City' in my audio profile :) I think it'll be very enjoyable for most people in the NG community ;) Considering making a vocal mix if people like it enough.

I try to post only projects that don't go quite the way I wanted them too, just to see public reaction to the work. It's interesting to see such a demand on my piece "Ice Crystals" that out of 40 comments....Nearly all of them were positive.

If y'all want me to keep making music, give me a hollar. I'm hoping to get my actual music writing career started and could always use some support. And a fan base ^_^ haha...ohhh...the shameless plug.

Thanks guys!

A comment on people rating music on NG

2009-01-23 02:35:33 by TreborLocke

I have an observation to make here and I think the NG audio community might enjoy a change on how people rate their music.

Too often do I see songs that should be on top or at least be in the mid 3's out of 5 get a very low score because of people automatically "0"ing anything they just plain and simply don't like. Please do us a favor compulsive "0"ers. Don't give a 0 unless you actually have something constructive to say about the music. So many new songs are just given the auto "0" button and they are very hard to find. Tell composers and artists how you feel about their music as just handing a "0" to someone just hurts the community.

That is all for my musical rant.

Hopefully my two newly uploaded pieces wont be doomed to "0" hell (as I fear they might have been already, not 5min after posting.)

p.s. I'm back. I'll be posting my other stuff as time goes on.


2007-08-23 14:58:00 by TreborLocke

Figured I'd make a news post >.> Hurray! I've been busy lately with re-designing my website If you enjoy pen and paper gaming, go there. GotEXP is also the name of my production studio (though still in the building stages).

I've uploaded 'Ice Crystals' and it seems to have some good reception. I think >.> I hope >.>

Anyway, y'all have a good day!