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Figured I'd come back for a bit. Gonna put some better stuff on here. Posted one improv piece today. More to come this summer :)

Ok, so maybe I'm being too nitpicky on this comment but....

I was browsing through the 'classical' music section of the NG audio portal and I think every single thing I've seen there is an 'orchestrated' version of someones dream video game theme....

Classical music is the methods of a set period of time in human history by which the standards of music were defined by composers such as Hummel, Haydn, and Mozart.

If I am not mistaken, there is a section for "Video Game" music and "Electronic" Music here on NG. Baroque music fits more with the classical section as it fits many of the same conventions.

Just because something is orchestrated DOES NOT mean that it is classical!

It's sickening to actually hear people in real life and on the internet say that something is classical meerly because it has a symphony orchestra sound. This isn't the case! Yes, you can write classical music with electronic sounds. Thats fine! But, lets quit putting music that clearly belongs in a video game, experimental, or electronic section into a section that is clearly reserved for another kind of sound and theory.

So I've put up a page

2010-04-08 15:04:49 by TreborLocke

So I've decided to put up a page on facebook. Seems a few people have already become fans of me :)

Please check it out at the link below:

TreborLocke's Facebook Page

See y'all around.

Working on new stuff

2010-03-11 12:28:08 by TreborLocke

So GotEXP is now a fully functioning company. We're going to be putting out quite a few universes, animations, and music as a result. I will update on and on as more details arise on our current project :)

For those who havent seen it, check out INK on the GotEXP website.

In the mean time, listen to my future music releases for some hints as to what we are creating :)

Website updated

2010-03-01 16:56:22 by TreborLocke

My official website, has been updated. You can catch all the latest news on my music and videos coming out of GotExp studios.

Latest Release: "Ink" by Misha Polonsky (GotEXP Head Animator)

Tell us what you think :)

Project Complete

2010-02-20 23:59:40 by TreborLocke

It's finnally complete and uploaded onto youtube. Ink, animated by Misha Polonsky and music written by me.

Hope everyone enjoys. Ink's ascension is uploaded to Newgrounds and has also been used in the Video Game "Balloon in a Wasteland". Also used is the Epitaph of Seikilos which is uploaded to NG as well on this account.

Link to Balloon in a Wasteland:

Ink: sR7I

Have a good day everyone!


An interesting observation

2010-02-07 15:53:28 by TreborLocke

I've had a lot of people tell me that my music sounds like it belongs in a video game. Considering that I 1) Write music for video games 2) Am an avid fan of Nobou Uematsu, Koji Kondo, and Martin O'donnel and 3) Prefer to tell stories with my music, is it any surprise that my songs might sound like it came from a video game?

Story music is something that many composers like to write. Unfortunatly, the only realms that they really exist strongly in is video games, hard rock/metal, and Nine Inch Nails. (Not saying other genres and groups can't do the same thing but, this is where it is heard the most.)

When I write music, I hope that people can enjoy the stories I try to tell with them.

Thank you everyone for your comments and pm's. :)

Have a good day!

Wrote something new...

2010-02-05 14:58:32 by TreborLocke

Check it out at: /309359

Brand new, took a few days but, I think it came out very nicely :)

New remaster!

2010-01-08 18:09:37 by TreborLocke

I have released a new song that is a remaster of an old one. The new Aria of Bliss is out. Please take a listen :) The recording is significantly better than the original and I am very pleased with it :)


2009-11-22 02:20:29 by TreborLocke

It looks like as my music on here is becoming more popular and accepted. Perhaps I should post some more free stuff? ;)

If anyone is reading this, go through some of my music and comment on if I should post to NG more than I do right now with "completed" free works.